The New edition story : I SEE THINGS OTHERS DO NOT SEE (Episode 1)

In this story titled "I see things others do not see”, we are going to be updating it epidode by episode, follow it up to enjoy the full story.

I see things others do not see


The first time I saw  she came for a job interview at the firm I worked in.

 I was walking down the corridor on
the second floor, carrying some important documents for my
boss, when I came across the new applicants.

I couldn’t help but LOOK at them seated as I passed. There were many who had the images of important personalities hovering above their
heads; these were the fellas with ‘connections’.
 A few had the blue flames of pure academics lighting up their auras. 

Some of them were spiritually drenched in alcohol, but most of them
dressed in false hope. 

They had come for this interview but had already convinced themselves that they wouldn’t get the job because they didn’t have connections.

 By so doing they attracted failure to themselves. This was so because even
those who couldn’t see could feel their hopelessness and invariably were repelled by it.

I was silently reminiscing on all of this when I saw her.

 She was bent, head down in her books, trying to gather a few more
points before she was called in. As I came closer she looked up- and what I saw took my breath away. 

She had the cutest big brown eyes I had ever seen, sited evenly atop a little, well pointed nose and lovely brown lips.

 Her hair was made in
braids and tied in a neat bundle at the side of her head. 

She looked, in every sense of the word, beautiful.
Then I looked and saw her wings. Magnificent. 

Purest white and fanned out perpetually behind her like a protective shield.

And then there were heavy metal chains securely holding the
wings in place. 

Her sins, you see. Most people had them. 

Hers were unique in that they were made of gold,  And I honestly
didn’t know why.
She caught me staring at her and blinked in indignation .
“What? Any problem?” She asked.
“Na..nothing.” I stuttered. ” You’ve got the biggest pair of
wings I have ever seen.”

I swear, i didnt know when i said it. And it was after I said it
that I saw her boobs. Yeah, they were huge too.

The whole corridor went quiet, or at least I think it did. She
stared at me, mouth open, a look of shock on her face. 
This was quickly followed by anger, especially as she thought I was
looking at her chest.

“That’s not what you wanted to say abi? Pervert! Abeg leave
me jo!”
I felt like the ground should open and swallow me up.
 I tried to apologise but then the public address system system
Nina T. Please come in for your interview.

She got up, gave me the meanest look I had ever seen, and
stalked into the interview room. I was helpless. 

I tried to apologise one more time. She hissed and kept on walking, but
I thought I saw something like the flicker of a smile just before
she entered the office.

I turned and walked slowly to my boss’es office.
 I could see the snickers and amazed looks of those who had heard my
embarrassing dialogue.

 As I was about entering one of the
cleaners brushed by me and whispered “Correct man!” before
hurrying on.

I spent the rest of the day hiding in my office. 

As I was closing up I saw that the candidates were still waiting for the interview
results. Nina stood, easily recognizable in the small crowd.

I walked towards her, thought better of it and moved towards the exit, thought again and went back to the corridor.
 She didn’t notice me until I was up close to her.
 She glared at me once she recognised who I was.
“I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. 
And I wasn’t talking about your…er…those, either” ( I saw her eyes go dangerously
thin-better not bring that topic up again).

 What i wanted to say
was you have big eyes. 

I mean, not big in a bad way, but good,
I mean not akpolo eyes but, but…”

I had made a mess of things again. I tried grinning in a
helpless bid to save myself but that only seemed to make
things worse. 

She hissed and looked away.

 I sighed and stood
very still, not knowing whether to save what little dignity I had
left and melt away or stand my ground.

 I ended up standing
there, waiting to see the results of my own impromptu
interview with this angel. Thirty minutes later the list was
pasted and her name came out. She was ecstatic.


 She celebrated her success with the few others that had been
chosen. When it was time to leave she walked up to me.

“Listen oga, I don’t care what position you hold in this
company, you can’t start insulting me like that! Don’t you have
a sister? How dare you look at me like a piece of meat? I-
“I wasn’t looking at you brea-sts!” I yelled angrily.

 She took a
step back in shock.

 I was angry but mostly at myself for
messing things up.

 I tried to bring my voice down.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you the way I did.

Honestly I didn’t notice , ah, never mind. Congratulations on
getting the job. 

I just wanted to let you know that I was sorry.
That was why I waited. And since I’ve made a mess of
everything I might as well let you know you have beautiful eyes
I walked away then, leaving her looking stunned. 

I reached the
stairs and was about going down it when I heard her run up
behind me.

“I’m Nina,” she said, smiling.
“Chuks” I replied, smiling too.
“You are weird, chuks.” She said, still smiling. “Weird but nice.
See you at work tomorrow?”

I thought: Armageddon wouldn’t keep me away. I said: ”
maybe, yeah, ok.”
She smiled again and went back to her friends. And me? I
danced all the way home. Inwardly of course.


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